Monday, 16 July 2012

Riding the Carousel

So where can you go on a Sunday afternoon to have a picnic with Bianca Jagger, Tinie Tempah and Billie 'Diary-of-a-Call-Girl' Piper? The Veuve Clicquot Gold Cup at Cowdray is the unlikely answer. Where (wait for it) IT DIDN'T RAIN! STOP IT! 
The Final was the culmination of the best polo in the UK and between Christopher Hanbury's El Remanso and Adrien Kirby's Cortium. Technically working for The Polo Magazine I suppose I should be unbiased, but... well we all have our favourites don't we?
It was a gorgeous day of catching up with friends, screaming myself silly for my friends (El Remanso, you have plenty of years to win this tournament guys XXX), drinking lots of Veuve and riding the beautiful carousel in the marquee. So what if I trashed my new shoes...?
Whether you were drinking the bar dry in Faustino's or headed to the Hanbury's post polo party (the most amazing t-shirts were better than any goodie bags), I expect you're feeling it today. For me, I had a long day in the office preparing for press day tomorrow. 
Wish me luck.

Tinie, you rocked that socks-match-the-champagne-house look
Spent a rather gushing 10 minutes telling these girls how much I loved their Sandro /Kooples blazers & Balenciagas

I so need to work on my catwalk 'smiles for the camera' look

Credit where credit's due: Me, GraziaMarie Claire

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