Friday, 28 September 2012

Blog Loving

I am completely and utterly addicted to blogs. They're like an online inspirational study group with everyone drinking espressos and swapping ideas on beauty. They're frivolous and fun and where Carrie Bradshaw lives forever. Blogs are pure, pure escapism.

One of my favourites is They All Hate Us, an inspiration fashion blog from two friends, Tash and Elle in Australia. The posts are a mixture of feel good sayings, cut off denims and models working that off duty look. They love quoting SITC and Clueless, the I'm-too-cool-to-care attire so adopted by French Vogue editor, Emmanuelle Alt and chained boots - always with a hint of the Aussie sunshine which we're all day dreaming about. Lots of dishevelled bed hair and rock n roller t-shirts make this a go to blog. You MUST check it out. Enjoy.

Credit where credit's due: They All Hate Us

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