Tuesday, 31 January 2012

Shameless Plugging

I know I shouldn't, but..... 

As well as writing and interviewing for The Polo Magazine, the best polo publication on the planet (I'm biased naturally), I also moonlight as a columnist for local glossy, Cotswold Style

Glosse Posse Spy (GPS, navigating your way around the Cotswolds) is my commentary on the Bright Young Things of Gloucestershire, those that work hard and play harder. I'm not Carrie Bradshaw yet, but I'm working on it.

The latest issue of the mag, hits the news stands today, 
so please take a look!

Credit where credit's due: Cotswold Style

Sunday, 29 January 2012

The Sea Sees Me

After a frantic week of deadlines – my day job is playing Features Editor to The Polo Magazine – I disappeared home to Hampshire for the weekend. Two days of walking dogs, checking on ponies and wearing ripped jeans which are more holes than denim and my beaten Barbour jacket that is older than me.

Today I ventured off to the beach with The Mothership and The Hooligans (AKA the dogs). By the by, WHAT a great name for a band.... As I was in a pensive, soul searching kind of mood, the sea with its cool dove grey and soft teal tones seemed to reflect this – whenever I head back him to recharge the batteries, the coast is my go to place of reflection. It can either be as calming as aspirin on a hangover, like today or raging and powerful and being a perfect buffer to my own anger and frustration. 

Also it's just pretty and shit....

When I see the sea once more
will the sea have seen or not seen me ?

Why do the waves ask me
the same questions I ask them ?

And why do they strike the rock
with so much wasted passion ?

Don't they get tired of repeating
their declaration to the sand ?

Pablo Neruda
(1904 - 1973)

Couple of images from the point and shoot.

Ultimate Poser...

 Credit where credit's due: Me

Thursday, 26 January 2012

Septum Some Style

Riccardo Tisci does it again! The man is the godfather of taking things that shouldn't work together and turning them into something beautiful. His latest offerings in Paris show a mixture of raw, almost abrasive materials alongside stunning delicate beading; heavy, weighty dresses worn by ethereal will -'o-the-wisp girls but toughened up by – albeit intricately beautiful – septum piercings. He even showcased his work in a gym hall – all that opulence and then the setting reminded me of the old wooden floors at school and getting splinters in your hands and bum. Strange recollection when you're looking through these stunning images but I appreciate the juxtaposed aesthetic nonetheless.

I love, love, love it. As I always love Givenchy's runway shows and presentations. They are always that perfect mix of high octane glamour and rock 'n' roll. Although I think a full length crocodile skin gown may be a little too much for the sleepy Cotswolds at present, and my bank balance is certainly not ready to take such a hit, I'll put my Daphne Guinness fashion dreams aside and stick with just drooling over the pictures.

Read the full Vogue report here

Credit where credit's due: Bullett and Vogue

Blatant Sex Appeal

Kate Moss, Mango and Terry not-a-picture-if-tits-aren't-involved Richardson have combined to make a little reel of high street fashion naughtiness. They did an earlier film where Miss Moss was essentially flashing her knickers in a stunning red dress, so now this is take two. They've called it Spy Game so basically we're playing Peeping Toms – how very Richardson.

He seems to court controversy – in fact he doesn't just sail close to the wind, he steers into the eye of the storm – but he does have the knack of creating very raw, sensual images with more than a nod to the blue movie but not quite top shelf. Take a look (after the jump) at his shoot with Daria Webowy for Russian Vogue to get a bit of a taste.

Anyway, back to Moss 'n' Mango. The clothes are to die for – bravo – and of course Kate looks sensational.

 Heads up, Mango Fairy Godmother, my wishlist is below...
For a little bit of Richardson fetish, find everything here

Take a peak Behind the Scenes. Pass the Popcorn

And take a look at Master Richardson after the jump!

Tuesday, 24 January 2012

En Vogue

I think it's time to get your inspiration (Philip Treacy-jaunty angled) caps on.

And to really get the fashionable grey marl matter working, I have just seen that Vogue are launching their own festival – less mud, more Missoni.

On the 20th & 21st April at The Royal Geographical Society, Alexandra Shulman and the clan are showcasing fashion's leading lights – be they designers, writers, photographers, models and bands. 
Prepare to be inspired.

Take a look at Vogue Festival for the what, when, who etc

So ditch your wellies and don your Kirkwoods – it's the only festival where you're not going to look a complete arsehole rocking up in stilettos.

Pictures: Vogue

Monday, 23 January 2012

I'm With The Band

Have fallen more than a little in love with photographer Aaron Stern. 

Producer and talent booker for some of the biggest music festivals and fashion events, Stern turned his camera – his preferred medium format 35mm film – onto his booked acts. Capturing the light and shadowy land of the coveted backstage, Stern has photographed Alison Mosshart with her bangs flying and stilled The Strokes in all their sweaty Neeeww Yowrk style. 

But the particular photographs that I love, are the those of the fans. The guys bruising themselves on the railings; the ones who are nearly crying in anticipation of their heroes gracing the stage. I've shared that excitement and I love the fact that Stern has captured it.

He has a book coming out, Everyone Must Be Announced – definitely one for the growing library of inspiration – but please do check out his website too, here

Photos: Aaron Stern,  V Magazine

Sunday, 22 January 2012

Point and Shoot

I experienced the nightmare technical glitch yesterday as I drove over to play paparazzi at a friend's afternoon of shooting. The idea was that I would shoot with the lens; they with their twelve bores. Unfortunately my point and snap camera decided to die. 
Perfect. I reverted to the loyal Blackberry but suffice today this isn't the exact documentation of the day that I was planning on.

To see some truly great sporting photography, check out Charlie Sainsbury-Plaice


I love my Kurt Geigers more, but the Dubarry is probably more practical. Find them here

With so many column inches being dedicated to The Beast of Gloucestershire,
we came across this fellow in the woods!

Chief Beater; Top Wench (her boyfriend's words not mine...)

My little bit of rock n roll for my afternoon in The Sticks

Little Ole Me


To keep up to date with all that inspiration out there:

Bloglovin is a site where you can keep track of all your favourite – oh and mine too – blogs.


Ode to the Converse

I have just finished writing a long post of yesterday's antics, but the Mac just crashed. Grrrrr.

So instead, all you're getting is this, the short and sweet ode to my beloved All Stars.
I got these at a gig last year from this incredible touring bus that sold vintage cowboy boots in any colour and design you could possibly imagine – including The Amazing Converse, although luckily these weren't second hand. I can cope with vintage leather, I don't think I could cope with someone else's trainers... nah.

Could've happily bought several pairs and even tried to Cinderella my way into a pair with a 1950s style pin up motif but they really were too small. So my beer fund got eschewed for these.

Next on my hit list would be a customised pair. You know you want to.

Will blog again later, when my temper has abated!

Friday, 20 January 2012

RIP Etta James

Just heard about the loss of another legend. God, I love this song. 

Child's Play

On the drive back from town to get The Rent – mainly cash from the main account, tenners from the 'Savings' account (I call it that but..), pounds from the back of the sofa/bottom of the handbag. Every month, always the same – I passed a tyre swing.

I love a good tyre swing – in fact any excuse to have a go on a homemade swing is rarely passed up. This occasion was no different and I have to say I did shin over the fence and had a quick to-and-fro. God, I'm rock 'n' roll. 
Rather morosely though it made me think of easier times, less worries, no stresses. I.e. the nostalgia that I was wearing like a hangover hit me with such a force it was like losing my breath after falling from the top rung of the climbing frame.

Thankfully reality snapped back into force and I quickly remembered that my life is total child's play.

So, Happy Friday! 

Have a great weekend with no scraped knees.

Thursday, 19 January 2012

Up, Up and Away

I'd like to say I came across Rüdiger Nehmzow on my own, mindlessly flipping through some incredibly avant-garde art magazine, drinking an espresso (which I actually DO do a lot) and sporadically conversing in German with my slim-as-a-vogue companion. 

But I didn't. It was less art scene, more Google desperation.

But his work is incredible. 

He takes images with the hand of God holding the lens steady. 

Take a look at his fantastic website for a little bit of Thursday-not-quite-the-weekend inspiration. Rudiger Nehmzow