Saturday, 28 April 2012

The Update

Literally been running around like a mad thing here. You know having the tough time that is having to have the specially tailored massage in the Remedie Spa here at the St Regis Bal Harbour and having cuban coffee at the famous Versailles cafe in Little Havana.
I know I shouldn't gloat, but... well it's difficult not to!
So here's a little update from day one, the Ladies Polo. Well done to the Heys Team – talented and gorgeous – and also very good at making speeches a la Domenica Vacca Lounge at the after hours party. Also loved the Don Miguel Gascon Wine girls, here looking good with their charming President and sponsor Ernesto Cartena.
Off shortly for Day Two of the Men's tournament so will keep you posted... naturally.

HOW great does this guy look - note the fact that his handkerchief matches his cummerbund style belt. Even his moustache is tres chic!

Vintage sunnies perfectly worn
Seriously cute Miu Mius, Get your razzle dazzle on

Thursday, 26 April 2012

Miami Beach Polo Day One

So Day One! I'm here. 
Off for a breakfast meeting shortly with the lovely Michelle, PR Director at the St Regis Bal Harbour (I haven't actually met her yet, but I can safely deduce that she's lovely as my room is so bloody gorgeous the woman must be an angel. I think I may've already mentioned that I LOVE my room, right?!)
And then it's off for press rendezvous and the Women's Polo where I'm very excited to watch the famous Sunny Hale in action.
And check out the guys behind this exciting Miami Beach Polo World Cup, Polo Life here. Im really looking forward to meeting the organisation's President Bruce Orosz this week. 

Will keep everyone in the loop of my antics on Twitter so please follow @CharleyLarcombe

21 floors up is an incredibly long way...
Black n white - a fail safe sartorial option for day one!

Credit where credit's due: Polo Life

The View

...'nough said. Thank you St Regis Bal Harbour.

Tuesday, 24 April 2012

Hello South Beach

Sartorial inspiration for Miami Baby!

Pressed. Packed. Raring to go. I'M IN MIAMI, BITCH

Credit where credit's due: Because I'm Addicted, The Wordy Girl, Elin King

Monday, 23 April 2012

Shoe Porn Overload

Kurt Geiger are having a mid season sale. Oh. Dear. God.

So basically the decision is: Eating in Miami or my feet lookin' great whilst I'm there...

Saturday, 21 April 2012


GREAT ad. Totally sold. 

Made My Week

#1. Major development of the week: I am going to Miami. On assignment. Tough gig!
Of course most of my assumptions about Miami are caught up in Sonny Crockett and Tubbs' 80's pastels and Art Deco architecture, but I'm hoping to find a lot more. So. SO excited!

I'm off to cover the Miami Beach Polo World Cup for The Polo Magazine but I'll also be blogging away too. In fact I'm off to Fashion Bloggers Night Out to chat to Miami's finest online writers. It's all happening!

Course my only slight concern is that as Don Johnson once said during his Miami Vice days, he had "free access to the South Beach String Bikini league". E.g I'm wishing I could take an Alice in Wonderland-like pill and get thin-quick. But I'm sure I can rely on my personality. Right?

#2 Lana Del Rey in the Live Lounge
I know there's so much hype over this girl  – and I have to say the snippets of the interview I heard weren't awe inspiring – but she was much better live than I thought she'd be. And to be totally superficial, she looks totally rocking. Where's my American sports jacket?

This week has been a very good week. Bravo.

Friday, 20 April 2012

Quite Possibly...

... the best t-shirt ever. 

Credit where credit's due: Sorry, sorry, sorry, I've forgotten where I've nabbed this from. 

Thursday, 19 April 2012

Up She Goes

"He'd fly through the air with the greatest of ease, That daring young man on the flying trapeze His movements were graceful, all girls he could please. And my love he purloined away."

Have just seen that the Gorilla Circus Trapeze School has opened in Regents Park - yes you can get a little closer to the dream of running away to join the circus. 
A two hour lesson includes simple tricks on the low bar before working up to getting caught by a catcher. 
Hell. Yes. Sign me up.

"Come Josephine in my flying machine, 
Going up she goes! Up she goes! 
Balance yourself like a bird on a beam 
In the air she goes! There she goes! 
Up, up, a little bit higher 
Oh! My! The moon is on fire
Come Josephine in my flying machine
Going up, all on, goodbye!"

Coachella Fan Wagon

Coachella, for me, is like that elusive ideal body weight – out of reach and always a little too much. I AM DESPERATE to go and with the internet being flooded by all the usual headline grabbing performances – this may be indelicate, but I mean oh my f***ing God they resurrected a DEAD MAN – and models looking like throw backs from Woodstock, I've been feeling a little low. Cheltenham in the rain ain't no Indio. And to make matters worse, a friend texted me about going to Weekend Two. As I'm ridiculously busy at work at the mo', I'm pretty certain a suggestion for me to decamp the office to live like a groupie for a week would be met with some pretty interesting looks/comments/Alan Sugar-esque firing speeches from The Bosses.

Next year for sure. 

Here's a little round up from some of the coverage...

PS: Incidentally does anyone NOT have access backstage at that Festival? Literally is there a 'Great Unwashed Area' with normal people? Everyone seems to be hanging out at the Mulberry party. But then it is Californ I A. And I certainly wouldn't complain...

Credit where credit's due: Coachella, Because I'm AddictedVogue