Tuesday, 20 March 2012

Looking Down The Lens

Fortunately nobody was asked to make love to the camera during the photoshoot for 
Suit the City, but we did get a few choice quotes from Gloucester Rugby poster boy (their words, not ours...), Freddie Burns. 
The shoot was such a giggle and not half as nerve-wracking as I thought it would be (mainly because everyone was lovely and because the photographer's assistant, Hollie uses Prickly Bush as her Twitter name. Good gag.) 
Waiting on the pics for the Cotswold Style spread, but here's a couple 
behind the scenes numbers...

Smiling at the camera... but mainly deciding how I was going to run off with the jacket
Who would've guessed a Gloucester fly-half would rock a purple tweed jacket? 
The lovely location, The Corse Lawn Hotel 
Sallie Belton is the nimble fingers behind these stunning creations  
Make up Artist, Sophie Chamings had the task of making me lose my bags and should've-drunk-more-water complexion. Here she is with Sallie who was a much easier candidate! Check out Sophie's blog here
My beautiful waistcoat. Jealous much?! 
Man behind the lens, Rob Wheatman 
Slightly concerned that I won't look like this Suit the City chick in the shoot...

Credit where credit's due: Me and point n shoot & Suit the City


  1. looks like a great shoot.......xx


    1. Thank you Ashley! And you're my first 'commenter' - this is SO exciting! I've just checked out your blog which is F***ING gorgeous! And you're in New York! Very jealous! Have a great day.