Tuesday, 8 January 2013

City Limits

It may only be Tuesday but I'm dreaming of the weekend. 
Come on, don't tell me you aren't either? 
I have particular good reason though, because I am seeing all of my favourite people in The Big Smoke. They are all incredibly stylish and glamorous and look like they've just stepped off the movie set. What is more, they're all very nice too. It means not only does my personality have to be on form, but my wardrobe must be too. These girls and boys aren't really into doing anything by halves so I'm having to pull the sartorial stops out. Anything above the knee and below the collarbone shouldn't really happen this close to Christmas food fest, but short of wearing a nun's habit I'm going to have to brave it. 
Any tips/inspiration greatly appreciated. 

Credit where credit's due: French Voguettes, Twin Fashion, KenzaNasty Gal & They All Hate Us

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