Tuesday, 13 March 2012

'Cos I Cannes

 I enjoyed the pleasure of the 3 Day Working Week when I jetted off to Cannes for two days last week. This whole experience was so far away removed from my normal trudge that I had to pinch myself. I didn't wake up, it was real and now all I have to show for it are some particularly vicious looking bruises. 
The trip to the Riviera was in aid of the launch party for a friend's commercial property company, Silvertown Properties at MIPIM, an annual trade show and networking event for International property big wigs. Take a closer look at one of Silvertown's current projects in Clerkenwell, London here to get a picture of this brilliant company headed up by JP Ledwidge and his 'right hand man' Olivia Hutchinson. Did you clock that? Right Hand Man, NOT Assistant. 
I had to get up at some ungodly hour on the Thursday to catch my flight – 4am is when you come in, not when you get up – but it did mean that we had the entire day to enjoy the sunshine and general swank-dom of Cannes. In the taxi, dropping down into the harbour, my first impression was a sea of suits – MIPIM seems to be mainly men in exceptionally well cut blazers, drinking Sancerre and discussing figures. But as there are literally NO women in attendance, the figures we're talking are genuinely numbers. 
We were staying at party HQ on the 105ft yacht, Attimo, which was stunning. She's definitely on my Wish List – take a look at her here.
I was mainly in attendance to act as paparazzi to the party attendees but fortunately this meant if the camera wasn't in my hand, then a champagne flute was. Naturally because we all had enough bubbles to float Attimo, once we'd devoured all the delicious canapés and cocktails and talked shop, we went dancing. I have to say Cannes was treated to some excellent moves. 
Fortunately, the next morning, any hangover was chased away by going off for a sail. Could very easily have donned my eye patch and cutlass and tacked off into the sunset.

The Morning After: The girls still looking glamorous – and one of several
bottles of Evian that we went through that morning...

The Boss

Credit where credit's due: Me – the borrowed iPhone and my point 'n' shoot camera. I'm saving for a rad SLR so if anyone has any tips about models/makes etc please let me know!

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