Friday, 29 June 2012

The Interviews

In the first of a regular series, I'm doing mini-interviews with the great, the good and the brilliant people from my phone book. 
It's amazing what a quick scroll through of the friend list will come up with career-wise – from professional polo players and entrepreneurs masterminding their own businesses to those at the forefront of the fashion and beauty scene and on the cusp of earning their millions in the property world. I'm very proud of each and every one of them, because one thing that links us all, no matter what career path we're on, is that we all live by the same mantra: work hard, play hard. Amen.

First in the hot seat, Lolly Mills who is not only seriously lovely with a wardrobe to match, but also my own personal Boots as she supplies me with a never ending supply of NARS products. This is one of the many reasons why I adore her.

Myself & Miss Beauty Seen in Paris for my big Two Five 
Job Title: Senior Account Manager at Beauty Seen PR
The Big Break: I began as an intern for Prescriptives within The Mothership establishment of the beauty world, Estée Lauder
I do this job for the... Love of beauty, social environment and insight into upcoming fashion and beauty trends – I love finding out what the next new must-have shade of polish is or who's the hot new facialist to see
I couldn't get through the working week without... clutching a large black coffee on route to the office and my late night gossips with my roomies, Olivia and Nicholson 
Who inspires you? The genuine genius beauty brains that consistently bring new trends and formulations to market at shocking pace – there is always a new product to use or a must-wear hot trend to try
The Head's Up: Check out Cowshed's new firming wobble busting Slender Cow range. The  Scultping Serum contains mika which gives legs a gorgeous luminosity – perfect for giving off the illusion of toned and healthy pins [Stilettos in the Sticks loves a cheat sheet]
The Next Big Thing: It's all about brows this autumn so ensure you book in to the Lash Bar in Carnaby for an appointment with Nasreen, she will pluck, thread and shape your brows to perfection. Or try Hi Brow by La La for an on the go quick fix brow palette
The Plug: Dr.Jart+ have just launched in the UK. They're the best selling BB Cream brand in Asia and definitely worth a go if you are in search of the ultimate and original BB 'wonder cream'
Best watering hole in London: Tough one. I do love the roof terrace at Aqua Kyoto on a sunny evening or a good Hendricks gin at the No.11 Hotel in Cadogan Gardens
And in The Sticks? The Hatch Pub in the depths of the Ashdown Forest in Sussex for its rickety oldey worldy vibe

Words of Wisdom: I've always lived by the philosophy 'work hard and play harder'. Life is not all about work deadlines

Thursday, 28 June 2012

Cheers O Clock

So Wimbledon's on huh? 
Essentially it means a smidgen of very-British-loyalty remains intact for Andy Murray 'til about round three when he's knocked out by someone with an impossibly spelt Russian name. Then we're allowed to let on why we're really glued to Court One; Rafa's arms and Federer's well cut Ralph Lauren blazers. 
In all seriousness it is a joy to watch players of that calibre; any sportsman with such blatant natural talent is awe inspiring. But maybe that's the Pimms talking?
Ah, Pimms! Why is it so great? Mainly because all it takes to conjure up a scorching summer full of Panamas and summer-made-of-nothing-dresses is the unscrewing of a bottle and a splash of lemonade. Tired piece of mint and the inclusion of the cucumber that was on your puffy eyes optional.

Wednesday, 27 June 2012

Shoe Porn

MUST. HAVE. THESE. SHOES. And I wouldn't mind having Lively's legs too.

Credit where credit's due: Daily Mail

Tuesday, 26 June 2012

F***ing Flags

I have just come across this profanity bunting and can't believe amidst all the Jubilee celebrations (a definite bunting event if ever there was one) that I didn't see any of this strewn over people's gateways. OK so it may not be the most welcoming but it is bloody funny. Even the website has me giggling. Not so funny is the price but Mrs C***ing Bunting very articulately acknowledges this under the cost link; "Fuck, this is pricey". Brilliant. 

Credit where credit's due: C***ing

Saturday, 23 June 2012

Call Me. Definitely

So just came across this little film... 
It's alright girls, you don't need to thank me. Enjoy. Besos X

Friday, 22 June 2012

Stanwells Sale

I've been waiting and waiting and holding out for pay day but 
I don't think I can refrain any longer. I HAVE to check out the
Stanwells Sale. Even a cursory peek and I have already got a list longer 
than my arm. Dangerous. Very dangerous.

IRO sales items found here

 OK so I happen to be a little partial to IRO but they have other 
gorgeous alternatives including Ash trainers and 2nd Day by 
Birger et Mikkelsen t-shirts. MUST BUYS! 

California Dreaming

WANT ALL OF THIS SHOOT. And not just because it features Kellan 'Man Mountain' Lutz. Surely if I double click and buy a couple of these "buttery vintage hoodies" from Abbot & Main and DEFINITELY the Morning Dew mid rise skinnies from Dylan George I'll look as rockin' as Kate Upton, right? Right?

Shot on location at Venice Beach in California by Yu Tsai – totally want to be there. 

Credit where credit's due: Dylan George & Abbot and Main's fall 2012 lookbook 
by Yu Tsai via Fashion Gone Rogue

Thursday, 21 June 2012

With a Twist of Lime Wood

This hotel and spa has been getting so much press since it opened in 2009 that I really have nothing original to say about it, so here's just my opinion; it's perfect.
Found in the heart of the New Forest, which is home-home for me, this Regency manor house does the luxury-slash-eccentric-slash-relaxed vibe down to a T. During my visit – for The Dad's 60th – I totally fell in love with the sumptuous yet off beat decor of the place and the staff. The staff were delightful. Knowledgable, easy-going, un-pretentious, charming. 
We had drinks in the orangery type room in the centre of the hotel – rumour has it that the roof slides open in glorious weather, but as this is the summer of 2012 there was no hope of that bit of excitement – and then went through to the brasserie style Scullery. Extra strong post stuffed-lunch espressos were drunk in the comfort of Max's Bar – which apparently serves the best Martinis in the Forest. Clearly this place deserves another visit. 
Another cause for a re-match is the delightful kitchen table, which includes a gorgeous oak scrubbed home-away-from-home table ensconced in the action of the busy kitchen but where eight of you can enjoy the atmosphere and be a part of the super dining experience. I can't wait to get a group of friends and go. I'm back to the Forest sticks in a fortnight so heads up crowd, we're bookin' a table.
Also, Lime Wood hosts – alongside it's sister restaurant, The Pig – Smoked & Uncut a foodie and music experience. Unfortunately I just missed the last one, but check out their website for more details. This location, a crisp Sauvignon and a great live band sounds like my perfect afternoon. 

Yes, there's a swing in the gardens. Like I could resist...

They have their own smoke house in the grounds which is seriously cute! Mum and I decided we'd be perfectly happy staying in this little tiled fairytale – obviously with the smoking off.

Lime Wood, Beaulieu Road, Lyndhurst, Hampshire, SO43 7FZ, 02380 287 177

Wednesday, 20 June 2012

A Ducking Festival

One of the local watering holes, The Wild Duck (guess what we call it?!) is having a party this weekend – brace yourselves for a wallet-ectomy and a Sunday morning headache. 
In the sticks it may be, but Dino Mussell and Alex Wager definitely know how to throw a party-in-a-pub. It's a Cider, Ale and Sausage Fest' (one of the signs rather tongue-in-cheek states that women are welcome too) which kicks off from 12 on Saturday afternoon. There's a range of ales and ciders (and a fortunately fabulously well-stocked bar) which are complimented by seriously tasty local sausages (diets can wait 'til Monday) and music to accompany your dissent into debauchery. And because this is the country, there's a raffle to be won too – think enough meat to keep your BBQ in constant use and wine good enough to impress even the biggest wine snob. So get ensconced at the bar and chat up the locals. See you there. 

When they're not hosting parties, The Duck is a gorgeous pub with equally gorgeous bar staff and delicious food (the whole camembert is a must but the menu is constantly changing). Visit the website, but definitely visit the place. 01285 770310 to book tables

Tuesday, 19 June 2012

Fit for a Queen

It was a busman's holiday for me on Sunday when my trusty SLR, my Tropicana-drinks-are-free blazer and a handbag full of Nuerofen (headache courtesy of Beaufort) took a trip to Guards to watch the high goal. The Cartier Queen's Cup was a glorious Final; very laissez-faire – even in the Cartier marquee where the ever suave Arnaud Bamberger held court – with very little fake tan or chiffon in sight in the stands and brilliant polo on the pitch. 
It was 11 all to the wire, with only a penalty mere moments before the final bell separating the two teams, Ayala (basically the Ellerston side) and Dubai. (Apologies for any non-polo readers, but the politics and mechanics polo lesson shall have to wait for another post). I'm only going to whisper this, but I wanted Ayala to win. I know, I know, as a Features Editor of a polo publication I should probably sit on the fence, but... I love Dubai, I love the fact that they're like the super team of polo and naturally I love Cambiaso (who doesn't?) but my heart belongs to Ayala. 
It was still fantastic to be at Guards though with all its pomp and ceremony – and really how much more pomp can you get than HM The Queen rocking up to present the cup? Does that woman ever sit down with a cup of tea and a cuddle with a corgi?
Naturally there was some stunning fashion on display – note to self, make more effort – from Dita Von Teese (SO nice) to Douglas Booth, but I tended to veer away from the Cartier marquee down to the Clubhouse where some of the Argentine girls were looking particularly beautiful. How do they do it? (Apart from chain smoke marlboro lights and benefit from Aphrodite smiling on them at birth?).

Kind of disappointed that she didn't emerge out of a giant champagne flute and that she wasn't just wearing tassels but wow, Dita, looked good. Not sure about her partner's ill-fitting suit though.

I didn't think it was possible to find a blazer louder than mine, and then...
These Charlotte Olympia shoes totally kicked my snakeskin pumps into touch.
Even this girl's umbrella looked expensive. Tres chic!

Yeah, sure it was his jacket that really instigated me to include this picture...

All the trash mags online have been whittering on about how great Chelsy Davy looked in her blue dress, but I think her friend is looking the most rocking here. Brave to pull off the white jeans at polo look but done so with aplomb

And just for you people who don't know who Cambiaso is, here's a little treat:

Credit where credit's due: Moi, here, here

Here's to The Weekend

Does anyone actually remember sunshine? Not watery, blink-and-you'll-miss-it sunshine, but real gulping back the water, desperately searching for the shade sunshine? 
No, me neither. 
So it was yet another weekend of donning layers and laughing as yet another purple, threatening rain cloud rolled into view. Saturday was spent at the Audi International Series Test Match at Beaufort Polo Club and as the rain lashed it down I did question my sanity and whether I really did have to support my friends who were playing. Fortunately the girls had the brilliant idea that several bottles of fizz and something potent called The Garden of Eden would make everything alright. 
They did.
Although naturally disappointed not to see the England side win, the Commonwealth team featured some very good friends so I was equally delighted with the result. Well done guys! The Young England team then beat the Ladies – bravo Maxi Hutchinson – and then, even though the weather was laughably horrific, we then waited to watch a third game where my gorgeous friend, Saffy played a blinder.
A quick dry off, sustenance, yet more fizz and a music-fuelled car drive back for a party at the Club made sure that the bad weather was just a hazy memory (I hear fizz can do that to you). Tayto hats were de riguer, the DJ played some big tunes and even though the bar ran out of vodka and tequila, I think it's safe to say we were all very well looked after. Muy Bien everyone – you were all on cracking form. 

Credit where credit's due: Moi

Tuesday, 12 June 2012

Part of the Clicq

The Day Job offers up some amazing perks which sometimes involves my passport and polo events in some pretty incredible countries but one place my polo suitcase and I are yet to visit is the Veuve Clicquot Polo Classic in New York. From my outsiders view (hint hint guys, I know the LA version is coming up soon) it looks like a super slick and super stylish event. And this year's, the fifth edition, looked even better for the simple fact that it featured polo shot in the sunshine. 
It's raining so much here, that we're going to have to start playing in waders and start hitting the ball with oars rather than sticks so it's reassuring to know that at least somewhere in the world, polo is being played where it ought to be. In the rays. On a ground that is emerald green and not under water. 
Many of the blogs and online mags gave the event some fab coverage so here's my shameless selection of some of the best. 

 GQ Tales of Endearment, Vogue, Getty Images via Facebook, Tumblr, Sorry if I haven't given you the proper nod - let me know and I'll make sure you get your deserved credit.