Wednesday, 27 February 2013

Bespoke Fairy Tales

The Phone Book Interviews

Once upon a time in not-so-gritty Chelsea, there lived two blonde girls-about-town. They had flawless skin, charming personalities and bottoms the envy of London. They were also exceptionally bright so that they didn't have to rely on their jealousy-inducing bums and forged grand schemes and entrepreneurial ideas instead. One such light bulb moment was their company, Hunter & Sand, a bespoke finishing service. 
Drawing on their past lives organising high end events, writing for International glossies and working all around the globe, they created their own exciting business. As with all stories, a green-eyed baddie was often lurking but they were able to slay them by being wild and fun and incredibly nice. 
Naturally these fairy tale ladies survive this less than fairy tale world with a cocktail (at the weekends-ish), a fluffy side kick called Maud and a lot of drive and ambition. 
Meet my great friends, the gorgeous Michelle Hunter & Alex Sandbach, the two latest Phone Book Interviewees.

Job Titles: Company Directors and Designers
Sum up Hunter & Sand: We specialise in the top layer of interior design through our bespoke finishing service, working with private and rental properties internationally.
We also offer a fabulous gifting service that has grown from our experience in guest gifting. We relish the opportunity to help our clients  find distinctive and original presents.
We do this job because... We take huge enjoyment in finishing a beautiful room and we share a love of attention to detail and interiors!
We couldn't get through the working week without… Fresh vegetable juices made by the ‘juice man’ in South Ken, Elle Décor and Maud – the third and furry member of Hunter & Sand’s team.
What inspires you? So much, but right now the eclectic cool of Andrew martin.
How has your past affected your future? Both growing up with bright, entrepreneurial Mothers has certainly had an impact on our career paths. Meeting three years ago, becoming great friends and starting Hunter & Sand together.
What's the soundtrack to your working week? Changes depending on our mood but Fridays tend to feature a bit of country!
Best Watering Hole in London? Duke’s for martinis, Blue Bar for champagne and Quo Vadis for cocktails.
Where's best in the country? Homemade bloody marys in the garden on a Sunday in the summer.
Words of wisdom? "In the most successful spaces you don’t see everything at once. The more time you spend in them, the more you discover. They open like flowers." Vincente Wolf
What advice would you give to someone starting up their own company? The first year is always the hardest but working for yourself and watching your company grow is the most gratifying experience.
Which moments are most rewarding? Winning any pitch, however big or small and a happy client.
How have your 'past lives' e.g. working in Mustique, writing in Boston etc contributed to your new career? Both of our ‘past lives’ have involved working under high expectations which have helped us to develop an acute attention to detail whilst also acquiring an appreciation of all things luxury!
What essentials do you carry in your handbag? Tape measure, patent studded Anya Hindmarch makeup bags, Blistex, almonds and our iPhones.
What is your greatest extravagance? BioEffect EGF Serum Facial at Santi Spa, South Ken.
What is your favourite journey? The flight home for Christmas.

The Head's Up: Look – Rugs and Cushions from Madeline Weinrib, NYC
Go – To the ‘Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland’ ballet at The Royal Opera House
Stay - In the Playroom at Babington House
The Plug: Browse our website, and call us to find out what we can really do for you!

The delicious Maud. Every desk should have one. XX

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