Saturday, 21 April 2012

Made My Week

#1. Major development of the week: I am going to Miami. On assignment. Tough gig!
Of course most of my assumptions about Miami are caught up in Sonny Crockett and Tubbs' 80's pastels and Art Deco architecture, but I'm hoping to find a lot more. So. SO excited!

I'm off to cover the Miami Beach Polo World Cup for The Polo Magazine but I'll also be blogging away too. In fact I'm off to Fashion Bloggers Night Out to chat to Miami's finest online writers. It's all happening!

Course my only slight concern is that as Don Johnson once said during his Miami Vice days, he had "free access to the South Beach String Bikini league". E.g I'm wishing I could take an Alice in Wonderland-like pill and get thin-quick. But I'm sure I can rely on my personality. Right?

#2 Lana Del Rey in the Live Lounge
I know there's so much hype over this girl  – and I have to say the snippets of the interview I heard weren't awe inspiring – but she was much better live than I thought she'd be. And to be totally superficial, she looks totally rocking. Where's my American sports jacket?

This week has been a very good week. Bravo.

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