Wednesday, 10 October 2012

The Fringe

I was in dire need of a haircut. Not because of vanity, not due to a big event, but because I physically couldn't see out from underneath my fringe. I was a danger to my fellow man because I was bangs-blind.

So I trotted along a leafy lane in Pittville, Cheltenham to see Luke Reynolds an editorial and fashion hair stylist who's left The Big Smoke to give us country ladies the blow dries we didn't even know we'd been missing..... 

Luke opened up shop in  April and has been feverishly working on beautiful sexy hair for the country residents as well as disappearing to London to work on shoots for Marie Claire and nipping over to Paris Fashion Week for the Kenzo and Dior male runway shows.

His salon is airy with lofty ceilings and regency style massage chairs and pretty Saturday girls bringing you coffee. Luke clearly knows his craft and takes you through the process whilst imparting handy tips for you to take home. (As I'm more of a blast-the-barnet-with-the-hairdryer kinda gal, I could really do with all the help I can get).

Result? Super sexy, Daisy Lowe-esque hair. AND I can see. It's a Luke Reynolds type miracle.

Check out the website and follow him on Twitter @LukeReynoldsLDN

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