Wednesday, 12 December 2012

The Catch Up

I know, I know, I've been supremely neglectful.
But before you report me to the social services of the blogsphere, in my defence I have been RIDICULOUSLY busy with The Day Job. I've been writing so much for the magazines that I can scarcely put together a witty email or a cohesive text, let alone indulge in some repartee here online.
But briefly, to surmise...
The weekend madness to Miami was exactly that – but brilliant. Flying half way round the world and back in 96 hours to report on an International, squeeze in two interviews, man the camera and catch up with friends was exhausting. But I was thoroughly spoilt by my hosts – read more in the Winter issue of The Polo Magazine – and the trip firmly cemented my love of Palm Beach. 
The sunshine played a huge part in this. 
But also the exceptional company, a couple of silly evenings and martinis at The Grill and much needed omelettes and black coffees in the Welly Deli both on Southshore Blvd. I also managed to catch up with a new friend in Palm Beach – an amble around Worth Avenue and supper at Nick & Johnnies was a perfect 'hello' – and also a belated Birthday glass of wine on the beach at the St Regis Bal Harbour with another lovely friend before my flight home. If you're passing through Wellington or Palm Beach or hitting up the Miami mayhem, then these are all must-try locations. 
The Day Job SLR was working too hard for personal snaps but here are a couple of the gorgeous evening light. Ffffeeeeelllll the sunshine!

The England team. And yes that is Vanilla Ice in the centre. Nach


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    1. Thank you! Wouldn't mind returning for a little sunshine, shopping and sipping cocktails!