Sunday, 10 March 2013

Mount Up For The Festival

The Cheltenham Gold Cup Festival is here! Kicking off on Tuesday, this racing meet is a week of exceptional sport and exceptionally bad behaviour. The town is over run with half the Irish population making their annual pilgrimage, an army of tweed and lots of braying chins having an awfully good time. Bag an invite to a box or a table for lunch, pick up your Racing Post and head to the bar for a Bloody Mary (come race week it's OK to class these as breakfast and definitely on your five-a-day list).The only thing to concern yourselves with is how a Trifecta bet works and what on earth you're going to wear. Here's some inspiration and afterwards head over to Barbour Gold Label, Holland Cooper or Really Wild for some last minute shopping. Yes, it's in the country and yes tweed really is the thing to wear, but think more high fashion than high-on-a-grouse-moor.

Credit where credit's due: Tatler, The Telegraph, The Sun, Holland Cooper, Really Wild

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