Friday, 30 August 2013

Tucking Into The Feastival

Tomorrow I'm heading off – with what appears to be most of the Cotswolds – to Alex James' of Blur fame's farm for The Big Feastival, the foodie music weekend gig he hosts 
in conjunction with Jamie Oliver. 

In typical Gloucestershire fashion though, this is more of a boutique, clean boots, Farrow&Ball-hued affair of a festival. Less Portaloos, more Pret-a-Porter. 
When I went a couple of years ago, David Cameron was hanging out at the bar so that should give you an idea that this place is a little more genteel than say, Bestival. This weekend, I feel, he's probably a bit tied up.

I've been very spoilt and I'm going as a guest of a friend (check out her blog here) and I am super excited – less about the food, more about catching Leanne De Havas, Duke and Basement Jaxx. I am going to situate myself and my Barbour jacket by that main stage, scrape together some pounds for a Birra Moretti and pray that the rain holds off. 

So, you'll know where I'll be, but what about what's on offer for you? Well as you're in the Cotswolds, take a look at the Daylesford Market Garden where you can wander through a grazing garden, sample the goods and then hemorrhage some money at the checkout. Then there's Table Sessions which features demonstrations and Q&As with some chef champions so grab your chance to ask Valentine Warner something really knowledgeable and foodie – like whether he would like to join you for supper at The Chequers in Churchill nearby. There's bring your own BBQs, a Pommery VIP area, celebrity cook offs and a vintage fun fair; it's going to be great. 
Check out the website here, follow them on Twitter (@thebigfeastival) and scrounge some tickets, it's going to be a feast of a weekend and you don't want to be left out and starving. 

 Credit where credit's due: The Big Feastival; David Loftus, George Powell, Tara Fisher, Chris Terry, Simon Dean

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