Monday, 2 September 2013

Slow & Low at Feastival

You know you're getting old(er) when a days-worth of dancing at a festival leaves you with cramp and aches that even Jessica Ennis hasn't felt. However, it's good to know you're not coffin dodging just yet when you remember it was SO worth it.

This year's Feastival (@thebigfeastival) was unbelievable, not least because on top of the incredible acts taking to the stage and diet-busting smells sailing around from Jamie Oliver and his mates cooking up a storm, there was a fantastic crowd on site full of smiles and all having their own great time.

Our day went something like this...

Waking up to sunshine, pouring into the unitard and deciding today wasn't a day to worry about love handles. Piling Team into the car, turning up the radio and bouncing round the countryside and into Alex 'Blur' James' farm. Joining in the debate on what to do first and breathing a sigh of relief that we're all on the same page when we say "bar". Getting distracted by having beautiful feathers tied into our hair by the seriously sweet Lisa at The Feather Tree (@TheFeatherTree) and having the ubiquitous picture-in-front-of-the-sign shot. Bee-lining to the Birra Moretti (@MorettiUK) bar and reveling in the fact that not only does the beer taste like nectar, but the staff are pretty damn cute in their red bomber jackets. Realising that Duke (@Dukeofficial) are hitting the main stage in 10 minutes but handily aware that our bar of choice is right next door. It's almost as if we planned it. Starting the 10-hour dance marathon when Ed, Flynn and Markos drop their beat boxing bomb and ignite the crowd. Realising that the lyrics they often sing in a Club, probably aren't going to be the same as at a daytime family gig. Realising this a little too late. Loving the sound of drum n base played beneath a cornflower blue sky. Heading back to the Moretti stand only to think that it's a slippery slope and we should really walk around the site first. Good plan. Just so happens we find ourselves at the Doombar stand with their customised American Airstream bar, chilled mini bottles of Sauvignon and spiky palm trees nestled into powdery sand. Feeling the sun on our backs and talking to anyone within a metre radius, sharing stories. Beginning to feel a little like groupies when we clock that Duke are playing their second set at the bandstand stage, right next to us. Bouncing to Blurred Lines and Insomnia and deciding all this exercise undoubtedly warrants another round. 

Meeting DJ BBQ (@DJ_BBQ) and his achingly cool team who have the butchest job on the festival circuit by manning a grill your dad would be jealous of whilst hitting the decks with the smoothest soul and dance tracks this side of legal. Keep it slow and low boys. Losing phone signal and rejoicing in the fact that no-one can get through to you (what work email?). Braving the yummy mummies and dodging Mclaren baby strollers. Having the best ride of my life on the ferris wheel (keep your minds above your navel, people) and singing (badly) to Bernhoft. Being blown away by the beautiful Lianne La Havas (@liannelahavas) and closing our eyes to Is Your Love Big Enough. Wanting her backing singer's seriously massive hair. More refreshment in Birra Moretti and being called in front of the camera for interviews. Plugging everyone we know. Bigger tunes with the Beat & Meat boys and getting everyone dancing on the tables. Being told off. But with a smile. Unexpectedly bumping into friends and lots of hugging and even more laughing. Using powers of persuasion (and a pretty blonde) to get back stage. Being unimpressed. Getting psyched up for Basement Jaxx (@TheBasementJaxx) and not being at ALL disappointed. Feeling the music through our chests so brilliant and powerful it almost hurt – but actually that may've been a case of too many cigarettes. Dancing like the flames. Having a light bulb moment when I clocked that I had been too busy dancing/talking/drinking/smoking/laughing to actually dive into all the incredible food that had been on offer all day. Listening to everyone's food porn accounts of what they had eaten. Starving off the hunger with one last bounce around to DJ BBQ, collecting a friend from meeting Jamie Oliver and enjoying real hugs with new friends. Wishing the day would never, ever end. Who's ready for round two?


Sorry there aren't any pics of any Basement Jaxx madness but a SLR really isn't the prop of choice when your dancing is giving the Maasai a run for their money. 

Huge thank you to Shelle Duffin. Check out her blog: here & follow @Shelle_Duffin

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