Friday, 31 August 2012

Cheltenham Fashion Week

"It's about wearing your haute couture ball gown with your wellies"

When I heard about CFW – the exciting brand spanking new fashion event with an actual moral compass about to hit the Cotswolds – I rejoiced! Here was something which Stilettos in the Sticks could  empathise with – yes, we live in the country, but yes I know my Wang from my wellies. I like a cool, edgy label with a overflowing tumbler of rock 'n' roll and a stuffed rail full of vintage. And yes I legitimately wear a Barbour – not for the I-have-one-to-emulate-Kate-Moss-at-a-Festival reason but in the I-need-it-to-muck-out-the-horses way.

This week, I met with Director of CFW, Sam Bawden – catch an interview with her in a future post – at The Tavern in Cheltenham (you haven't been there yet? Check out here and go now.) The event isn't all about flash-fash'-in-the-pan for One Week Only hustle and bustle – no there's much more longevity involved. The ethos is about sustainability, creating opportunities for local talent, platforms for young creatives to showcase their work and to promote the area and it's talented occupants. 

From the 17th to the 21st of September, CFW is going to be the buzzword at every coffee shop and post-work drink in the GL area. There are events at Cowley Manor including Boutique 24 which will transform the hotel into your One Stop shopping experience including a scent bar from Jo Malone (the Jimmy Choo of the candle world) and cocktails on tap. Think very a la Somerset House during the spring/summer collections in London. On the downside there may not be Dolce's David Gandy but on the plus side there will actually BE plus sizes (as in women over a zero. The joy!).

Then there's also fashion shows – naturally – but these range from talented school kids running away with their imaginations and graduates at Gloucestershire College to black tie benefits with couture and Tattinger. 

Take a look at the website here to read more about it.

Make sure you go along to some of the events, whether it's sneaking out on lunch break or making an evening of it with the girls. Remember it's rural but not rustic so dress to impress. 

Let's face it stilettos at Cowley ain't exactly a
 hoe down amongst the hay.

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