Tuesday, 28 August 2012

The Rude Awakening

So how was everyone's first day back after the long bank holiday weekend?
It's safe to say that very few of us would've been basking in much English summer sunshine but I hope that didn't rain on your parade too much. 

Perhaps you were laughing with friends at smokey BBQs or struggling with The Novel, surrounded by illegible notes with biro smudges inking your hands. Maybe you higher-ed your heels and your dress,  lowered your morals and hit the Bright Lights or kept it simple with walks on the beach. Were you closing your eyes, arms in the air at SW4 or drinking not-so-cheap-beer in the street at Notting Hill Carnival? Perhaps you were playing overs between showers at a friend's cricket match before hitting The Fox at Barrington - sorry I missed that one guys – or rounding up the usual suspects for an asado and vodka diet cokes. 
Whether it was a booze-fuelled mosh-fest at Reading (Yeah, I got the Kasabian, Vaccines and Florence highlights on BBC3, very rock n roll) or curled up in a fresh-linened bed with Prison Break on loop, I hope that extra Monday off was a soothing tonic. 
Unless you went on the I-can't-believe-I-can-party-on-the-day-of-rest cocktail conga and in fact the only soothing thing about yesterday were the four paracetemol, 8 pints of water and entire packet of Berocca's you went through. 
In which case, hope your Tuesday wasn't the new Monday.


Credit where credit's due: Me, Tumblr, Tom Martin NME & Marc Sethi, Reading

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