Tuesday, 5 February 2013

Everything's Hunky Dory

We all want to be the IRO/Isabel Marant girl. I work in a world where the lithe, cafe latte limbs of the Argentine girls are always superbly dressed in shrunken leather jackets and super slim jeans tucked into rockstar boots. It seems impossibly effortless. And of course that's what we all want – to look great with minimum effort. We haven't got the time in our busy lives to spend hours on clothes – well we could but personally I prefer the extra half hour in bed/10 minutes in the shower/evening with friends.
I've just come across another gorgeous brand which follows the same vein. Effortlessly chic, achingly cool, check out the Scandanvian

And excitingly for Gloucestershire residents, one of their stockists include the gorgeous Anna Lizzio boutique in Tetbury.

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