Monday, 11 February 2013

Piece of Cake

So tomorrow, Pancake Day, Shrove Tuesday. The party kick off to Lent. The serenade to that one naughty thing that you really love. Sounds frickin' awful.

Tut, tut all you want, but I don't think I'm giving anything up. Naturally I have far too many vices to knock on the head so for me to turn from Rhianna to Taylor Swift would require a 180 of gigantic proportions and a bad mood for the next 40 days. 

So rather than give something up, I'm going to start something. 
The "Yes" attitude. "Yes" to the gym, spinning, 10 extra sit ups in the morning. "Yes" to religiously writing the novel. "Yes" to making an effort with old friends. "Yes" to being brave.
I don't think I can go as far as saying "Yes" to literally everything – I know what my friends are like and I think a tag line like that could get me in to some serious trouble – but there's too much negativity flying about me at the moment and I'm going to do something about it. 
After all it's only 40 days and then I can go back to being cynical and saying "No"...

I will be off to a pancake party tomorrow night, armed with lemon and sugar – which sounds like the first few bars of a cocktail tune if ever I heard one – and prepared to flip some batter skywards. Or maybe I'll wait 'til they land on my plate? I don't think I've got the action right, best leave it to the experts; the kitchen is the natural habitat for tossers anyway, right? Sorry, obvious gag. 

For an easy-to-do-don't-have-to-spend-half-the-day-preparing recipe head to my friend's blog, My Boiled Egg and Soldiers, here

Credit where credit's due: Here

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