Monday, 6 May 2013

Miami Madness

Stilettos in the Sticks has had somewhat of a hiatus recently, but only because life has been moving too quickly that my five inch heels and I have barely had a chance to get dressed let alone type out something witty into the blogesphere. 

Firstly, I got promoted. Yippee, Deputy Editor isn't bad at 26 so I'm delighted. (I know it's not terribly English to brag, but I'm so happy hard work pays off!) Then I've had about 14 billion deadlines with various magazines – I am not even exaggerating. Really. And then I've been on this little trip to The U S of A. 

For two weeks, The Housemate and I packed all our hot little numbers (and enough shoes to fill a department store) and headed for the sun, sea and sand of Florida. 
We had a glorious 10 days in Palm Beach followed by six days of complete mayhem in Miami. It wasn't so much a holiday; more a way of drowning ourselves into an American lifestyle via sunscreen, picking up mannerisms ("are you for real?") and talking to anyone within an one inch radius of us. To say we lived it up would be an understatement. For anyone who hasn't been, go. It's fabulous. 
The people are warm, welcoming and totally dig the English accent so you're already a bit of a celebrity in their eyes. Even though they are a little disappointed when you say you don't know Prince Harry personally. 
I promise to post properly to give you all a full blow-by-blow account (well apart from the 'what happens on tour, stays on tour' stories. Sorry I'm a classy journo and won't be printing any kiss 'n' tell tales) but here's a little taster of Miami at least. 

Book your ticket, pack an electric cigarette and a decent book to deal with immigration - it's more tedious than the nine hour flight - and be prepared for mojitos which taste like the Gods' Ambrosia, sunshine so good that you can genuinelly feel your cells rejuvinating and people so warm that even if the sun dipped behind a very infrequent cloud you'd still be bathing in 30 degree friendliness. 

It actually rained for two days solid in Florida when I boarded my flight home; I like to think it was crying at my departure and was as sad to see me leave as I was to wave goodbye. 'Til next time Ole Blue Eyes.

The to-die-for Betsy Hotel, South Beach

My Special K dress (AKA it's red but it hides a multitude of Kilos) was just a vintage number, but find similar over at Planet Blue & my lime sandals were ASOS but unfortunately sold out. They are lime green & gold & totally over the top. I'd check out Ebay to try & bag a pair. 

Any NARS red lipstick is stop-in-the-street AWESOME.

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