Thursday, 30 May 2013

The Lady Is A Tramp

So leading on from last week's pre Audi Polo Award romantic dress notions, here's what I actually wore; my take on The Tux... 

Little outfit breakdown: Tux jacket: vintage, bodysuit top: Aqua (good news, it's in the sale; bad news, not in white), cigarette pants: Italian (and worn to death so much, that the bum has almost worn out so I was in danger of showing my derriere. Typically, I did not realise this wardrobe malfunction until I got out of the car, but you can't tell here so, shush don't tell....!), shoes: Topshop (these are so painful that even my mantra of "stilettos stay on as tightly as you hold onto your morals" was put to the test).

It was a fabulous evening, as ever. Lots of air kissing, gossip, clapping so much my hands hurt and once again getting over emotional at the Audi polo film footage. Every year I cry as some rousing tune booms out as clips from last year's emotional plays and brilliant tournaments come back to life on the screens. It's pathetic really.

I need to be a bit more trigger happy with the camera I know, but here's a clip from last year's event so you can get the general gist. 

Credit where credit's due: Images of Polo


  1. You look great, hope good time was had by all, I would love to see more pics, or actually be there!

    1. Thank you! It really is a brilliant evening - I promise next time to take a bag which can take a camera and not just a mascara wand and a business card! CX