Saturday, 15 June 2013

Dressing To Impress The Met Office

So this weekend is full to bursting with events for The Day Job. Its all outdoors which should conjure up images of grabbing a suntan and drinking one too many glasses of Pimms (I always think eating the fruit makes up for missing lunch...). But no. June is not in a happy mood. June is throwing a tantrum which involves sobbing from ominous purple clouds and grumbling with growls of thunder. Delightful.

Getting dressed to look good for The Day Job at polo events when the usual order of the day is summer dresses and whether you can get away with wedges, is posing a problem so I've taken a look for some inspiration. Who said summer showers had to rain on the fashion parade?

I'll be going for layers, Barbour jackets, rocker boots AND Dubarry boots so my toes stay dry (Check out Dubarry here and Hunter here) , a hat and waterproof mascara!

If you're interested in braving the weather this weekend, today is the start of the Audi International Series at Beaufort Polo Club, Gloucestershire. Check out tickets here. And tomorrow, Sunday is the Cartier Queen's Cup; really great high goal and really great party. Take a look here

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