Thursday, 20 June 2013

National Kissing Day

"You need kissing badly... and often... And by someone 
who knows how."

Seems so few of us are actually getting any, that They have given us a semi-official 24hours so there's actually an excuse!

No, really I think it's all about just taking a minute and showing the love to all the great people in our lives; whether that's a movie-style, I-can't-possibly-live-without-you kiss to your flavour of the month, or a chaste little peck on the cheek for your best mate. Hell, maybe even the dog deserves a little smooch for having a wet coat from your tears crying on his silent shoulder. (But don't expect the favour returned from Fido, you KNOW what he's been lickin' before you.)

I think everyone j'adore's kissing – unless you're currently enduring the washing machine teenage years. It's fun, sometimes glorious; women can orgasm just through a little snogging; a decent french kiss can burn five calories as you use all 34 muscles in your face and on average we'll spend two weeks of our lives locking lips. The bad side is that getting it on kissing the life out of someone, will literally do just that – if you're doing it right, you'll elevate your blood pressure, set your pulse racing and send the hormones swimming through your blood. All of this reduces your life by a minute. Shit. Better make those kisses count. 
Besos X

Credit where credit's due: Huffington Post, Tumblr (times square kiss), In Style, Fan Pop

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