Thursday, 26 January 2012

Septum Some Style

Riccardo Tisci does it again! The man is the godfather of taking things that shouldn't work together and turning them into something beautiful. His latest offerings in Paris show a mixture of raw, almost abrasive materials alongside stunning delicate beading; heavy, weighty dresses worn by ethereal will -'o-the-wisp girls but toughened up by – albeit intricately beautiful – septum piercings. He even showcased his work in a gym hall – all that opulence and then the setting reminded me of the old wooden floors at school and getting splinters in your hands and bum. Strange recollection when you're looking through these stunning images but I appreciate the juxtaposed aesthetic nonetheless.

I love, love, love it. As I always love Givenchy's runway shows and presentations. They are always that perfect mix of high octane glamour and rock 'n' roll. Although I think a full length crocodile skin gown may be a little too much for the sleepy Cotswolds at present, and my bank balance is certainly not ready to take such a hit, I'll put my Daphne Guinness fashion dreams aside and stick with just drooling over the pictures.

Read the full Vogue report here

Credit where credit's due: Bullett and Vogue

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