Friday, 20 January 2012

Child's Play

On the drive back from town to get The Rent – mainly cash from the main account, tenners from the 'Savings' account (I call it that but..), pounds from the back of the sofa/bottom of the handbag. Every month, always the same – I passed a tyre swing.

I love a good tyre swing – in fact any excuse to have a go on a homemade swing is rarely passed up. This occasion was no different and I have to say I did shin over the fence and had a quick to-and-fro. God, I'm rock 'n' roll. 
Rather morosely though it made me think of easier times, less worries, no stresses. I.e. the nostalgia that I was wearing like a hangover hit me with such a force it was like losing my breath after falling from the top rung of the climbing frame.

Thankfully reality snapped back into force and I quickly remembered that my life is total child's play.

So, Happy Friday! 

Have a great weekend with no scraped knees.

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