Sunday, 22 January 2012

Ode to the Converse

I have just finished writing a long post of yesterday's antics, but the Mac just crashed. Grrrrr.

So instead, all you're getting is this, the short and sweet ode to my beloved All Stars.
I got these at a gig last year from this incredible touring bus that sold vintage cowboy boots in any colour and design you could possibly imagine – including The Amazing Converse, although luckily these weren't second hand. I can cope with vintage leather, I don't think I could cope with someone else's trainers... nah.

Could've happily bought several pairs and even tried to Cinderella my way into a pair with a 1950s style pin up motif but they really were too small. So my beer fund got eschewed for these.

Next on my hit list would be a customised pair. You know you want to.

Will blog again later, when my temper has abated!

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