Sunday, 22 January 2012

Point and Shoot

I experienced the nightmare technical glitch yesterday as I drove over to play paparazzi at a friend's afternoon of shooting. The idea was that I would shoot with the lens; they with their twelve bores. Unfortunately my point and snap camera decided to die. 
Perfect. I reverted to the loyal Blackberry but suffice today this isn't the exact documentation of the day that I was planning on.

To see some truly great sporting photography, check out Charlie Sainsbury-Plaice

I love my Kurt Geigers more, but the Dubarry is probably more practical. Find them here

With so many column inches being dedicated to The Beast of Gloucestershire,
we came across this fellow in the woods!

Chief Beater; Top Wench (her boyfriend's words not mine...)

My little bit of rock n roll for my afternoon in The Sticks

Little Ole Me

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