Sunday, 1 April 2012

Isn't it IRO?

Wandering in to Stanwells of Lymington yesterday for a bit of a Yes-I'll-have-everything, I came across a gorgeous French brand. Iro was set up by two brothers hailing from a music production background in NYC and their clothing line is essentially a How To guide for the rock chick in all of us (AKA my answer to the perpetual question What the hell have I got to put on?). Take a look at their website here

And check out their film for their S/S 12 line – their clothes look epic (natch), their models are a little too sullen (I mean you look fantastic and your job involves driving around in the sunshine – looking good and cracking a little bit of a smile can be cool too) but the Waterlillies soundtrack is perfect for a sunny Sunday morning. Hello world!

Must.Have.This. Polo wouldn't know what hit it this summer

For the perfect blazer? Add f*** off cool zips

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