Friday, 6 April 2012

Made my Week


To highlight all the Little Things that ensure "the boulevard is not that bad" [And by boulevard I mean a euphemism for work in general not in the Pretty Women sense.]

#1. Samantha Brick
The vitriolic outpouring following this journalist's rather deluded self appraisal has been brilliant. Even better was Guardian columnist, Tim Dowling's witty reply (I know the Guardian with a sense of humour? Who'd have thought?). Read it here

#2. The Four Day Week
Concurrently irritating as literally not enough time to tick everything off the To Do List and then also brilliant, because the Four Day Week means it's Friday morning and I'm still in bed. Indulgence.

#3. Tiny Dancer
Who doesn't identify with Almost Famous or Elton John's Tiny Dancer? With Coachella round the corner – one day, I WILL get there – I expect this song is on loop, blaring from iPods in open top cars, a perfect accompaniment to Californ I A sunshine. 
"Turning back, she just laughs..."

#4. Pay Day resulting in a little over-expenditure. But also some spoiling from the Rents. These are some funny shaped 'Easter eggs'...

Well done Marks & Sparks! Totally fell in love with a sharp printed blazer, white jeans with zips at the ankles & a Wang-esque white dress. I'm going to pretend it's summer even if there is a wind chill.
#5. The Polo Magazine went to press. The day job is signed off. Hallelujah.

Stop eating hot cross buns and Lindt chocolate bunnies (it's not funny to bite the ears off first) and enjoy the extra day of play. We all deserve it.

Credit where credit's due: Naomi Shon via Because Im Addicted

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