Thursday, 19 April 2012

Coachella Fan Wagon

Coachella, for me, is like that elusive ideal body weight – out of reach and always a little too much. I AM DESPERATE to go and with the internet being flooded by all the usual headline grabbing performances – this may be indelicate, but I mean oh my f***ing God they resurrected a DEAD MAN – and models looking like throw backs from Woodstock, I've been feeling a little low. Cheltenham in the rain ain't no Indio. And to make matters worse, a friend texted me about going to Weekend Two. As I'm ridiculously busy at work at the mo', I'm pretty certain a suggestion for me to decamp the office to live like a groupie for a week would be met with some pretty interesting looks/comments/Alan Sugar-esque firing speeches from The Bosses.

Next year for sure. 

Here's a little round up from some of the coverage...

PS: Incidentally does anyone NOT have access backstage at that Festival? Literally is there a 'Great Unwashed Area' with normal people? Everyone seems to be hanging out at the Mulberry party. But then it is Californ I A. And I certainly wouldn't complain...

Credit where credit's due: Coachella, Because I'm AddictedVogue

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