Tuesday, 10 July 2012

The Kooples

Pay day had arrived, the rain had lowered my mood to gutter level and I had an unexpectedly free day with no plans so I took myself off shopping this weekend. With the express purpose of just buying a pair of boring jeans (the only ones left in the wardrobe were the kind that your mother disapproves of) I got distracted by the newest, most brilliant addition to the Cheltenham high street; The Kooples.
Not only do they have the sexiest, most Kate-Moss-esque suits known to man, but they also have the sauciest changing rooms – all black padded leather and floor to ceiling black drapes. And they have the nicest, most fashion savvy assistants. Suffice to say I spent money I do not have on a nothing-ness of a dress. Fortunately they also had a sale on. 
I am in love.

Credit where credit's due: The Kooples

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