Thursday, 19 July 2012

Paradise Found

Keith Richards and Pattis Hansen's place in the Turks and Caicos actually looks like bliss. I think they have room for a small one. A definite Charley-shaped hole for little ole me to join them on their family holiday. I love the buena onda of the entire shoot, Theodora's long blonde beach waves, Keefs' megawatt smile and all the fantastic jewellery. Yes, I think I'd fit in to this little scene very well indeed.

“When you have the whole ensemble, the whole dynasty down there, the house is just shaking; everything’s going all the time,” says Theodora. She’s describing Richards-family gatherings on the North Caribbean island of Parrot Cay—a succession of sun-soaked beach days, fiercely competitive games of Mexican Train dominoes, and a cappella performances around the fire pit. Keith plays the benevolent patriarch, and Patti Hansen rules the roost. “You always have someone to hang out with, always have something to do,” says Theodora. “Your imagination just runs wild.” 

Credit where credit's due: Chloe Maller and Bruce Weber for Vogue 

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