Wednesday, 23 January 2013

There is a God...

...And his name is Beckham.

Sometimes with my job for The Polo Magazine, as with any job, I have to plug through tedious emails and plough my way through the Spam and the Viagra and 'increase your pleasure' pops up. But, sometimes, SOMETIMES, an email pings up with beautiful attachments. Attachments which make you weak at the knees, all a fluster and wondering whether the menopause has come on early. It's not shots of the latest polo players (although sometimes these can be nice too. Google Facundo Pieres. Trust me. Do it now. Even you boys), oh no, today was a little more A List than that. 
Today, David Beckham came through on the email courtesy of Natalie at Massey PR. There he was, just on my lap... I mean server. In all his glory sporting the latest Breitling Chronograph. The timepiece is beautiful, but David's is the face you really want to watch. 


  1. I do chuckle through reading your posts, this one is no exception. I wouldn't feel adverse to a blog post on the hot totty polo players top ten ect. Would this be unprofessional of you? please say no!

    1. Thank you!
      And I suppose I could put in the long tough man hours of research to find the best polo players to have a drool over... I'll keep you blog posted!