Wednesday, 9 January 2013

Uh Oh...

I'm a bit Anti-Sales. 
I, obviously, love them in theory, but I can't cope with the pushing and shoving and the way people think that because a shirt is a fiver, it somehow means you really must have it. I'm all for a bargain; I'm just not ready to reach for my duelling pistols if a career shopper gets the upper hand. 
Which is why I try and stay away from shopping this time of year – I'm coerced onto the High Street by the fashion Sirens, but really they're leading me to the dangerous rocky road which is the New Season Rail. So I attempt to steer clear. Matters are not helped though when I receive the email updates from Stanwells boutique. I've mentioned them before but essentially they're one of the best independents out of London. It's true because Vogue told us so. On my January list is the following...

LOVE this Markus Lupfer jumper. I'm going to need a January windfall.

More than in love with Emma Cook's designs
Emma Cook silk shirt with a skinny suit - very Kate Moss/Jamie Hince
OK, OK, one sale item. These Sam Edelman boots. Snap them up here
Julia and the team at Stanwells have a great blog which keeps you up to date with all their new lines and also has a great Sunday Surgery style post which has taken over my reading of the Sunday papers (AKA the travel sections). 

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