Thursday, 17 January 2013

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The Phone Book Interviews

Paddy Hocken is a new friend. He's also got the most incredible job. Loved that production in the come back gigs for Take That? Thought Coldplay looked pretty epic during their fluorescent tour? Cried at the Olympic Ceremony? Thought Muse were killer? Yep, he was part of the production team that bought you those euphoric moments with your hands in the air and the music singing in your ears. 
He's in my Phone Book Interview hot seat. 

Job Title: Production Manager.
The Big Break: Getting a job with Muse whilst still at University.
I do this job for the… the glamour, why else?!
I couldn't get through the working week without… my two-tone high vis' vest.
Who inspires you… Chris Vaughan (Take That Production Director) and Jake Berry (U2 Production Director).
Which moments are most rewarding? Breaching unknown territory or doing things differently despite resistance and doubt from others and ending up with a great result. Pulling off a challenging back-to-back show (huge distance between shows) is always a good buzz.
What skills/attributes are vital for success? Being able to make decisions and standing by them.
The Head's Up: We’ve just finished Gary Barlow's Solo Tour and I’m now starting a campaign with Biffy Clyro; we’ve just filmed The Jonathan Ross Show and are off to Europe for some more promo before starting a European tour then moving onto UK Arenas and then a North American tour after that.
The Plug: Check out (A friend's band that have just released their first album).
What essentials do you carry when traveling for work? iPhone, MacBook Pro, BA Gold Card.
Best watering hole in the world? RockRock in Osaka.
And in The Sticks? The Lucky Shag in Perth.
Words of wisdom? When you’re pushed, seek strength from what you have previously endured. 
Best professional advice? Punctuality!
Most rock 'n' roll story? Chartering a Boeing 767 to fly to Barbados for a show. Other stories might get me sacked... 
Which country has the prettiest girls? Lebanon  
The most unusual adventure you've had recently? Being involved with the London 2012 Olympic Ceremonies; it was a testing experience at the time but the end product was superb.

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