Friday, 10 February 2012

The Bigger Picture

 "We exist to inspire understanding of the world through quality photojournalism."

The World Press Photo contest has been splashed across headlines today and every one of the images – whether they be Cartier-Bresson-esque shots of the World Swimming Championships or heart rendering war torn photographs – are incredibly inspiring and prove the old adage "A picture tells a thousand words" to be true.

The World Press Photo of the Year, by Samuel Aranda. A woman holds a wounded relative in her arms during clashes in Sanaa, Yemen

Iranian actress, Mellica Mehraban by Laerke Posselt
On Revolution Road by Yuri Kozyrev
Maria, an addict and sex worker between clients in the Ukraine by Brent Stirton
Never Let Go by Alejandro Kirchuk. This was a story that showed Marcos looking after his wife of 65 years, Monica. Tragically Monica suffers from Alzheimer's but Marcos looks after her full time: "Tell me where she is going to better than here. I treat her like a princess, here she has everything" For me, it's the most moving collection.
World Swimming Championships by Adam Petty Love, love, LOVE this! Check out the rest of the story here

More to get inspired by after the jump

Mubarak Steps Down by Alex Majoli
Toku Konno a survivor of the 2011 Tsunami by Denis Rouvre
Shark Fin by Paul Hilton. Really, HOW much do you REALLY want that soup? Scientists have recently reported that as many as 90percent of the sharks in the world's open oceans have disappeared because of the growing demand for shark fin soup. 

North Korea by Damir Sagolj. A picture of North Korea's founder, Kim ll-sung, decorates a building in the capital Pyongyang. 

Credit where credit's due: World Press Photo

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