Monday, 6 February 2012

Sod's Law

So in light of a (well deserved though I say so myself) pay rise, I was looking forward to blowing a little of the hard-earned readies on some particularly frivolous shoes or jewellery.

Instead, I've just had to shell out the equivalent of a flight somewhere warm on a pair of tyres. Devastating blow to both my wardrobe and my bank balance. 

On the up-side, had quite an adventurous weekend - will fill you in with my escapades later

So 'til next month, so long Boutique 9 pumps from

Must. Have.
Incidentally, have just released their look book for lingerie - I've heard that if you buy the Only Hearts set, they throw the model's body in too so you can really look the part.

Credit where credit's due: 

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