Wednesday, 1 February 2012

A Very Stylist Affair

Vogue is likened to a Bible; Tatler is the gossipy guilty pleasure; Elle is celeb' crush central and Vanity Fair has the edge when you want to be intellectual and read an essay from the late Christopher Hitchens (actually that was brilliant so read it here).

But my absolute favourite is Stylist. It is (excuse my French) fucking brilliant. 
I love the interviews – hellooooo Claudia and Michael Fassbender; I love their business columns (take a look at the Stylist Network aqui). I adore their regular Style List – especially this week's which features a gorgeous Etro dress and a rockin' necklace from Matches. Me encanta their Spring shoe edit mainly for the reason that it features my MUST HAVE shoes from Valentino. 
I love their 'Places' articles – this issue they're covering the Coral Reef in Barbados. I've been, for work, and it's fabulous and as soon as I read their take on it, I wanted to reach for my passport and head to Heathrow. 
I'm not even a cook but I love their foodie features (I was sold by the promise of whisky custard cupcakes. I know, right?! Recipe here) and their Debates are not dumbed down but nor are they dictatorial. 
I love the format, the font, the style. I even love the paper it's printed on!

Working in magazines myself I'm very aware of not only the content – which is great – but also the look and feel of the publication. And so this is less a blog about a magazine; it's more of a love letter to Stylist. 
And with Valentine's Day just around the corner, that's pretty stylish timing.

Credit where credit's due: StylistBrownsMatches

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