Thursday, 15 March 2012


Much to my chagrin (and, as the week's dragged on, general pissed-off-itus) I haven't made it to Cheltenham races this week. And I bloody live and work in the town. Tough shout.
I've been doing my best to try and resist the pull to constantly watch the races surreptitiously at my desk, pour over the Racing Post or be bothered by the steady flow of texts asking me why I'm not in the member's bar. 
I did indulge in a little après racing last night so am feeling a little jaded today so have been day dreaming about cake. Unfortunately I have the photoshoot for Suit in the City on Monday so I'm picking Sancerre over sponge and absconding from those too.
But on a little prowl of my favourite magazine, Stylist I spotted these recipes which combines a little bit of racing with sugary sweetness.
The Chocolate Guinness Cake and Guinness Cupcakes. Mmmmm. Check out the recipes here and here
I'm not much of a baker (read: wouldn't know what a cake tin looked like) but I could definitely pass this recipe onto the Housemate...

Credit where credit's due: Stylist

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