Tuesday, 27 March 2012

I'm not sure I'm the next Parky...

At least on screen that is... Had so much fun with Colin at Cotswold TV at Gatcombe Horse Trials at the weekend. Unfortunately I can barely look at a picture of myself without cringing so to watch a video may be a little much. And I'm on Day Two of not drinking so I can't even have a taste of Dutch Courage to see me through... 
Lots of fun though, and definitely keen for take two – this time I'll remember to not look like SUCH a pillock when I'm interviewing!
Thank you to Chris King, Jo Aston & Ben King who were my interview guinea pigs and to Mr Cotswold TV himself who has the patience of a saint.

Cotswold TV Presents Gatcombe Park in Video from their Channel within the areas leading online televisionI

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