Tuesday, 27 March 2012

Terry's Mine

An oldie but seriously goodie has been recently reworked and shown at a gallery in London town named the Rook and Raven.
The brief was to take some of the works from one of the 20th century's most influential photographers, Terry O'Neill and reinterpreted by 'the image makers of today'.
Bad timing on my part is that the show is about to close. It finishes the end of this month so nip along to W1T 1HN ASAP.
Spotting these pieces by Pam Glew and James Dawe, gave me a perfect opportunity to revisit Terry's work. Amazingly most of the iconic images that I love have been clicked with Terry's index finger. You must check out his website, only to read the  'About' bit in his own words. 

Bridget Bardot reworked by James Dawe
Pam Glew works their magic on Jean Shrimpton & Terence Stamp

The Originals

One of my favourite images: Faye Dunaway the morning after she won her Oscar. Increible!

More heart-in-your-mouth pictures after the leap...
I love O'Neill's images not because of the obvious access he had to the inner circle of some of the world's biggest (and I mean that in the real I-haven't-just-been-on-reality-tv sense) but that these people, in many cases, were his friends. They look unguarded and unabashed.
I think in today's continuous carousel of promotion, promotion the celebrities of today have learnt to oath the lens. They associate the camera with the paparazzi rather than a fellow artist. 
Here's more to inspire...

Credit where credit's due: The Rook and Raven & Terry O'Neill

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