Thursday, 22 March 2012

Stars in their Eyes

We actually had some proper sunshine today. Actual. Sunshine. 
Accompanied by a little warmth.
Which means everyone was rockin' their best dressed to 
impress sunnies. 
I always think it's amazing how a pair of Wayfarers can instantly up the cool factor. Really would a rockstar be a rockstar with out some blacked out Ray Bans? They're part of the uniform, much like skinny jeans and tousled hair.
Here's some of the best sartorially sunnie wearers out there...

The Cool-er King, Steve McQueen
Breakfast at Tiffanys – & if you're just coming in at silly o'clock in the morning you need a serious pair of peeper covers

Guitar? Check. Insouciant cigarette? Check. Super sexy shades. Check, check!

Jackie O-h-my-god you've got gorgeous glasses

Good point Ray Ban, good point

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