Tuesday, 13 March 2012

My Kind of Speakeasy

The Tavern in Cheltenham relaunched this weekend with one hell of a bang. The champagne never ran dry (although the tequila did...), pretty girls and boys carried baskets of deep fried shrimp almost continuously and a fantastic band spoilt us with two sets. 
Before I wax lyrical about how much I loved the Tavern, please check out said band, DUKE. They are insane and really deserve a post to themselves, but to whet your palette check them out here
Anyway, the Tavern is a gorgeous mix of exposed brick work, industrial lighting, old school chairs (which have fortunately been sanded down so no danger of splinters-in-the-bum. Which would be a little too old school) and quirky touches. Quirky touches as in Winston Churchill's 'Fight them on the Beaches' speech booming out in the bathrooms – mostly funny, but I never knew I could find going to the loo intimidating – and stunning handmade wallpaper 
by Yawn Creative. It's like something out of the East Village in New York – in fact they sent the manager out to the big Apple to garner some inspiration and he clearly came back with it stuffed into his suitcase.
The launch party itself was fantastic (sorry I had drinks in one hand and then seemed to be perpetually hugging someone so no piccies I'm afraid. But then it was such a good party that really footage shouldn't be allowed. It's like that phrase, if you can remember the 60s...). But I did return the next day for a late lunch just to MAKE SURE that I had really liked it! I tucked into yummy crisp and light squid and rosemary and garlic fries but the others had delicious smelling plates of Sunday roast lamb followed by blue cheese crumbled over sharp chicory and seriously naughty puddings like doughnut sticks with dipping chocolate. Super hangover food. 
I'm going again on Thursday - obviously just to make triply sure that it's my new favourite place...

The inspiration
Even the menus are smart!

Credit where credit's due: Me and them, The Tavern – check out their Facebook page here

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