Thursday, 29 March 2012

Cut n Paste

Have just come across this great column from an even greater blogger. Kristin Knox, editor of Clothes Whisperer – a brilliant blog which is more about content that just inspiring, pretty pictures – although there are plenty of those there too. Do check it out.

But her column for the Huffington Post was a real goodie....

from Sign of the Times: The Kooples V. Carrie Bradshaw
"... It's not that I'm saying women have regressed, because we haven't. But when people dawn upon their recognition of Miss Bradshaw in me, the looks in their faces register SATC 2...the movie, rather than the glory days of the small screen. We no longer live in a world where monogamy (according to Samantha) is an "airborne" disease. Now, it's a coveted prize to be won at the end of the reality show rainbow, dispensed in lieu of shiny new convertibles or jetskis at the hands of Chris Harrison.
But the harsh reality is that we live in a world where it's hard to find (and subsequently keep) a job, where benefits are shrinking, mortgages defaulting and rents and inflation are ever on the rise. We need to couple up, to lean on one another for moral support, not to mention split rent and utilities. And that's the thing about the Kooples campaign, as Maud and Alexandre (a koople for four months, FYI), whiz passed you down Oxford Street, you can't help but identify with them just as much as you envy them.
They're standing on the street instead of a studio (just like you), dressed super cool (not just like you), but casually (back to just like you again). Nothing flashy, no overt branding, no bling-- just deft layering, slouchy t-shirts, the odd leather piece and some damn good looking skinny jeans. They're just regular people navigating this increasingly complex and harsh world (just like you). 

So I think, if Carrie were still strutting about in her single stilettos today, instead of basking in bitterness as the Kooples bus drove by, she'd remind us of some wisdom dispensed in the series finale: "[the most] exciting, challenging and significant relationship of all is the one you have with yourself. And if you can find someone to love the you you love, well, that's just fabulous." While the zeitgeist and current social climates these days may not be as kind to us single gals as when the Fab Four clinked their cosmos at the Meatpacking's latest and greatest, Carrie's message of female solidarity still rings true.
Even if you can't rush out and buy yourself a stubbly chinned, v-neck clad Julien of your very own, you canbuy that biker jacket. And that slouchy cardigan. And those studded boots. If Carrie taught us millenial girls anything, it's that the most rewarding relationship of all is being in a healthy (and, hell, why not, hipster) koople with yourself.

Read the rest here

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