Tuesday, 19 June 2012

Here's to The Weekend

Does anyone actually remember sunshine? Not watery, blink-and-you'll-miss-it sunshine, but real gulping back the water, desperately searching for the shade sunshine? 
No, me neither. 
So it was yet another weekend of donning layers and laughing as yet another purple, threatening rain cloud rolled into view. Saturday was spent at the Audi International Series Test Match at Beaufort Polo Club and as the rain lashed it down I did question my sanity and whether I really did have to support my friends who were playing. Fortunately the girls had the brilliant idea that several bottles of fizz and something potent called The Garden of Eden would make everything alright. 
They did.
Although naturally disappointed not to see the England side win, the Commonwealth team featured some very good friends so I was equally delighted with the result. Well done guys! The Young England team then beat the Ladies – bravo Maxi Hutchinson – and then, even though the weather was laughably horrific, we then waited to watch a third game where my gorgeous friend, Saffy played a blinder.
A quick dry off, sustenance, yet more fizz and a music-fuelled car drive back for a party at the Club made sure that the bad weather was just a hazy memory (I hear fizz can do that to you). Tayto hats were de riguer, the DJ played some big tunes and even though the bar ran out of vodka and tequila, I think it's safe to say we were all very well looked after. Muy Bien everyone – you were all on cracking form. 

Credit where credit's due: Moi

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