Wednesday, 20 June 2012

A Ducking Festival

One of the local watering holes, The Wild Duck (guess what we call it?!) is having a party this weekend – brace yourselves for a wallet-ectomy and a Sunday morning headache. 
In the sticks it may be, but Dino Mussell and Alex Wager definitely know how to throw a party-in-a-pub. It's a Cider, Ale and Sausage Fest' (one of the signs rather tongue-in-cheek states that women are welcome too) which kicks off from 12 on Saturday afternoon. There's a range of ales and ciders (and a fortunately fabulously well-stocked bar) which are complimented by seriously tasty local sausages (diets can wait 'til Monday) and music to accompany your dissent into debauchery. And because this is the country, there's a raffle to be won too – think enough meat to keep your BBQ in constant use and wine good enough to impress even the biggest wine snob. So get ensconced at the bar and chat up the locals. See you there. 

When they're not hosting parties, The Duck is a gorgeous pub with equally gorgeous bar staff and delicious food (the whole camembert is a must but the menu is constantly changing). Visit the website, but definitely visit the place. 01285 770310 to book tables

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