Tuesday, 19 June 2012

Fit for a Queen

It was a busman's holiday for me on Sunday when my trusty SLR, my Tropicana-drinks-are-free blazer and a handbag full of Nuerofen (headache courtesy of Beaufort) took a trip to Guards to watch the high goal. The Cartier Queen's Cup was a glorious Final; very laissez-faire – even in the Cartier marquee where the ever suave Arnaud Bamberger held court – with very little fake tan or chiffon in sight in the stands and brilliant polo on the pitch. 
It was 11 all to the wire, with only a penalty mere moments before the final bell separating the two teams, Ayala (basically the Ellerston side) and Dubai. (Apologies for any non-polo readers, but the politics and mechanics polo lesson shall have to wait for another post). I'm only going to whisper this, but I wanted Ayala to win. I know, I know, as a Features Editor of a polo publication I should probably sit on the fence, but... I love Dubai, I love the fact that they're like the super team of polo and naturally I love Cambiaso (who doesn't?) but my heart belongs to Ayala. 
It was still fantastic to be at Guards though with all its pomp and ceremony – and really how much more pomp can you get than HM The Queen rocking up to present the cup? Does that woman ever sit down with a cup of tea and a cuddle with a corgi?
Naturally there was some stunning fashion on display – note to self, make more effort – from Dita Von Teese (SO nice) to Douglas Booth, but I tended to veer away from the Cartier marquee down to the Clubhouse where some of the Argentine girls were looking particularly beautiful. How do they do it? (Apart from chain smoke marlboro lights and benefit from Aphrodite smiling on them at birth?).

Kind of disappointed that she didn't emerge out of a giant champagne flute and that she wasn't just wearing tassels but wow, Dita, looked good. Not sure about her partner's ill-fitting suit though.

I didn't think it was possible to find a blazer louder than mine, and then...
These Charlotte Olympia shoes totally kicked my snakeskin pumps into touch.
Even this girl's umbrella looked expensive. Tres chic!

Yeah, sure it was his jacket that really instigated me to include this picture...

All the trash mags online have been whittering on about how great Chelsy Davy looked in her blue dress, but I think her friend is looking the most rocking here. Brave to pull off the white jeans at polo look but done so with aplomb

And just for you people who don't know who Cambiaso is, here's a little treat:

Credit where credit's due: Moi, here, here

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