Sunday, 10 June 2012

The Captains

"Angels fall to the floor
Like they would if I was Captain"

Friday wasn't the best day for me. It didn't have the best start. In fact nursing the slight side effects of a good supper out with friends at the brilliant Soushi (more on this restaurant another time) the night before, I found myself at 7 am on a rainy morning dealing with the rising panic that my car wasn't where I'd left it. 
"It's been towed I'm afraid my love."
£168 lighter and several hours late for work, I was feeling less than cheery come the afternoon. But then a super cheery thought came upon me. Today wasn't going to be the day that I spent half my rent retrieving my Freelander from the car pound in Swindon. Oh no. 
It was the day that I saw the rocking Biffy Clyro bring the house down. Before they wowed the fans at Download and Rockness this weekend, they played a warm up gig in a large gym hall with badminton nets adorning the walls and the stench of chlorine from the next door pool rife in the air. Simon Neil was PITCH PERFECT – just thinking about it gives me goosebumps – and the production and light show, just brilliant. Well done Paddy! Dancing like a loon to Who's Got A Match was A. Mazing! The only time I haven't minded getting hot and sweaty in a gym. 

Live at Wembley...

Credit where credit's due: Me, C.Jones Photography (really check this guy out as some of his images are really very cool!) & here

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